About Shelovedpreloved


Firstly thank you for taking the time to browse our website and choosing to shop preloved with us.

So a little about us,

We are a small family run business in Shrewsbury which is in the middle of the Shropshire hills (Home to Charlies Darwin and a stones throw away from Wales!) 

My name is Lizzie and with my partner Mark we sat down during the Covid Lockdowns (between watching Netflix, trying to teach maths to our 3 children and finding toilet rolls!)

And we decided what a great idea it would be to have a go at opening our own little business! And so we did! 

Shelovedpreloved was officially launched in December of 2021 on eBay.

Over 2022 we steadily grew our knowledge and expertise in preloved and vintage clothing and sold many preloved items all over the Uk and international. (I just love the fact that someone in Australia is wearing a pair of Jack Jones jeans that have been brought from us)  

We have even sold to theatres and production sets! (The thought of a celebrity wearing our clothes or being in a film!!)

In April this year we opened our 1st little shop in our home town and officially launched our online website to coincide with the shop. 

Unfortunately due to increasing prices we had to close our Shop in September, so we are now exclusively online.

But why preloved clothing? 

I have always loved second-hand clothes, the more affordable the better! This is something that was born from necessitates and now is  just common life! 

I actually really don't like to buy new if I don't have too. I mean I'm not going to sit here and say I ALWAYS buy second-hand because that's just not always achievable- and when you have a little person still learning about his bowels- definitely not achievable! (Primark pants urgently!) 

And anyway that is not what we are about. 

We wanted to create a place where modern, good quality and frankly the best prices of clothing could be found, brought and re-loved again; and we understand that preloved second-hand clothing is not everyone's cup of tea but what we aim to do is offer the chance to at least give it a go. (But we think personally, buying preloved will change your life!)  

And for those like us who are fully converted members of the preloved community we wanted to offer a place where preloved doesn't mean buying for the same price as if it was new!  

99% of the items on this website are under £5 each and are your supermarket, high street brands and online brands including Primark, F&F, Boohoo & Shein.

We are 100% committed on sustainable clothing and believe we can make a difference in the amount of unused, barely worn and unreturnable clothing that goes to landfill every year! 

Why Vintage?

Vintage! It holds a little special place in my heart and I confess when starting this business I didn't know an awful lot about vintage clothing, but I have always loved it! 

I'm still learning about the different era of fashion and its so fascinating when you get to learn about a particular item and its history.

At the moment we have currently have items in our collection from the 1970s,1980s & the 1990s and we are adding new items all the time.

Retro & Y2k is our very special love through (maybe because I love finding items I used to own or wish I owned when I was a teenager!) 

We have items from 2000-2007 in our collection and again are always adding more.

Thanks for reading if you did manage to get this far, I know I have rabbited on quite a bit!

Any questions or chats, please send us a message, you can contact us through here the website or Facebook & Instagram.

Lizzie x